You Are Not in the Mortgage Business, You Are in the…

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ALL TOO OFTEN LICENSED MORTGAGE ORIGINATORS (MLOs) FALL SHORT IN ACHIEVING THEIR INCOME AND PRODUCTION GOALS.  Market conditions can sometimes be part of the reason, however often times there are specific actions that MLOs engage in that rob them of more income opportunity than they have any idea.

If you are like me you have at some point in your career probably attended some type of time management seminar.  Unfortunately within a matter of days, or even as soon as a few short hours, you revert back to your old habits and essentially the time and money spent at the seminar was wasted.

The reason so few MLOs ever make the necessary changes in their time behavior is they lack the real core understanding of what business they are really in.  Speaking, training and coaching MLOs throughout the United States I have determined through numerous Q&A sessions that the reason MLOs don’t make modifications to their behavior is that they think they are in the mortgage business.

Now you are probably reading this article and you are thinking that you—in fact—are in the mortgage business and maybe I have lost my mind.  The reality is that you are in the “marketing business”!

You cannot be an originator until you first have leads.  Only when you generate leads are you able to begin the job functions required in the mortgage business.  From this day forward if you are truly committed to being successful at a higher level, then you must define your job as “YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MARKETING YOUR MORTGAGE SERVICES TO THE COMMUNITY YOU SERVE”!


Yes, you read the previous paragraph correctly.  Plain and simple, you are in the business of promoting yourself and your services.  At the core you are a marketer first and foremost.  All of the other activities that are encompassed with being an MLO such as making sure files get approved, chasing docs, clearing conditions, providing feedback to your clients and referral partners on loan status, and other activities of that nature are also part of what you do on a daily basis.  HOWEVER, the question you need to ask yourself is would you be able to engage in any of these activities if you don’t have leads?


I am well aware of the challenges that face loan originations in getting drawn back into files because of problems.  We can even add on top of that issue all the new regulatory hurdles you must jump through to get a loan all the way through the closing process.  However, we all know there are MLOs that produce more than you do and they do it with no additional support than you have yourself.

The critical difference is that at some point in their career they focused more on marketing and relationship development than you have.  That time may be right now, or they may be reaping the rewards from past efforts.  Either way the results validate the truth about how marketing is the first priority.


Let me share this example with you that I believe will drive this point home.  I am sure there have been days when you woke up in the morning with a defined plan to get out and market your business.  You were going to call or visit your existing referral partners, meet new ones, or reach out to your database.  Whatever it is, you had a plan to grow your relationships.

Scenario 1 – At 9:30AM you receive a text or an email from your processor telling you that there is a problem with a file.  What do you typically do?  You likely abandon your plan for marketing to address the situation immediately so you can get it handled right away. (I imagine you may be shaking your head up and down at this point in agreement that you are guilty of doing this far too often.)

Scenario 2 – (Here is my point.)  Imagine the same exact scenario except that when you get the email or text at 9:30AM, you are walking into a meeting with a potential new referral partner that has the ability to refer you a significant amount of business…or maybe you are about to meet a borrower who is all set to apply for a $750,000 loan.  My question to you is what will you do in this scenario?


The answer is likely that in scenario 2 you will send your processor a response stating that you are walking into a meeting and that as soon as you get out you will get on top of handling the situation.  Here is your business game changer…When you treat your scheduled marketing time with the same priority as an actual scheduled appointment, you will ultimately end up with more appointments to meet with referral partners and borrowers who can either send business your way or do business with you.

Marketing and promoting your services cannot be the thing you do when you have nothing else scheduled or going on.  You must dedicate a portion of every day or every week to marketing.  Schedule it as an appointment and when the email, phone call or text comes in, tell whomever is reaching out to you that you are headed into a meeting.  In reality you are heading into a meeting.  The meeting is a marketing meeting with yourself and future business.

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Ron Vaimberg is a veteran of the mortgage and real estate industry since 1985.  As a leading speaker, trainer and strategic coach, Ron possesses the unique ability to quickly assess any sales situation, marketing challenge, or client’s business problem and provide instant solutions.  It is this special trait that makes Ron the go to person for retail and wholesale mortgage professionals, real estate agents, and company owners throughout the United States.

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