Why should I attend the MBA Annual Convention in San Diego and if I go, should I register?

While the flights, hotels, food and registration costs can certainly add up, so can the payoffs. I have been attending this event for over 20 years and I can say without a doubt that the expense to attend this  annual  convention can more than pay for itself.

In a matter of a few days you can meet with your vendors, warehouse lines, and potential investors and of course, network with people from all walks of the mortgage industry. While we all compete for market share, at this event, we all pull together to share thoughts and potential resolutions  for the never ending challenges within our industry.

Over the last 20 years, the executives of my company and I have had the opportunity to meet with many business leaders: such as David Stevens, Bill Cosgrove, Stan Middleman, Ed Abufaris and many others.  We have also had the opportunity to hear from our political leadership and journalists such as Presidents Clinton and Bush, General Colin Powell, and Bob Woodward,  that have not only made our history but are the ones who are setting our course for the future. Check out this year’s speaker list– awesome.

You do not want to miss the advantages of a trip through the exhibition hall.  In a short period of time you can talk with vendors face-to-face about their products and services you need to grow your business, minimize risk, cut costs and increase profits.  An hour or so of your time will really be time well spent. Not to mention, there are tables and chairs to sit down and meet with your important contacts this year, (and rest your aching feet!) as well as breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks are provided.

I have to admit the parties and end of conference concerts are pretty cool too.   Hall and Oates, Earth Wind and Fire, America, Chicago are just a few of the bands I’ve seen at the MBA. All of this happens within just a few days.   Go to the event and register – it’s worth the money!

See you there!

Mike “Z” Zastoupil