What’s New

Here’s What’s New at Comergence!

A cost-effective and user friendly service for REO Agents to satisfy Lender compliance requirements.

Developed for Wholesale, Correspondent and Warehouse lenders looking to make more informed decisions on what brokers they should be doing business with.

Our leading-edge solution addresses the seemingly insurmountable task of monitoring social and digital media communications within a regulatory framework.


The app provides immediate access to Comergence lender clients to view their accounts and application details when on the go.  New App Features Just Released!

NMLS Clearview
Stop searching the NMLS Consumer Access site!  You can now automate critical information necessary for the production of a loan during its lifecycle.

Use the latest technology to oversee your appraiser panel, eliminate regulatory burden and exceed compliance demands per your lender obligations.

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What our clients  have to say

I work with 40 lenders and I am always pleased to work with the ones that utilize Comergence. It makes the entire initial application process much easier and also the annual re-certifications.

Comergence is a tremendous time saver. While my loan originators like the flexibility of ability to work with multiple lenders, as Broker of Record I dread the application process. Comergence makes it easy!

John E
Lisa and the Comergence team save the day once again! Lisa informed me of a new feature “MLO Roster Audit” and I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. Every quarter I struggle with filing the MLO piece of the Mortgage Call Report. After getting info from HR, the MCR folder I keep with new hires and terms, pulling reports off of NMLS, it’s a 6+ hour project each month just to get this part of the MCR done. I went in this morning and exported the MLO Roster now available and the first thing that came to my mind was “I LOVE THE NEW FEATURE”. I am one happy girl. This new feature will save me two of the 3 steps I do for the MCR alone and at least 4 hours if not more. I’m looking forward to see what else I can do with this. Thank you so much Lisa and Comergence. I am truly grateful and I will share this great news with my friends in the industry. LOVE IT!!!
Isa H.

We’ve been on board with Comergence since day one. Comergence provides an excellent platform for us to develop and now maintain our TPO Application Policy and Procedure with a well rounded Management System… from the TPO Application Portal, to the TPO Scorecard (updates with Alerts automatically) and Dashboard Reports… right down to our TPO Filing Cabinet. Whenever there is an update to the system, or basic need for support, Lisa Pizula is there to assist with her amazingly detailed instruction, expertise and friendly support. Comergence, Lisa and team bring the necessary tools to meet today’s compliance monitoring standards.

Jennifer G.

When we launched our correspondent lending division, we looked for ways to differentiate our business in a crowded field. Often, one of the first impressions that a lender has of a potential investor is their experience during the application phase – telling someone that you are easy to do business with and then handing them the “War and Peace” of application packages doesn’t jibe. With the Comergence application tool we were able to design a process that met our objective of a quick, hassle-free application process without giving up any of our due diligence requirements. In one instance we sent an application, had it returned, approved and the client trained in 5 business days. In addition to making our new lender approval more efficient, we have achieved real time and cost savings using Comergence for renewals.

Bob K.