The Verified Appraiser Scorecard List

As some of you may know, I was recently hired to oversee the marketing and communications efforts for Comergence.   My first order of business was to educate myself on the products and services the organization offers so I could properly extract the points that help solve our client’s and future client’s problems.  Makes sense, right?  Especially if you knew that my background is rooted in sports and entertainment so getting through the learning curve was critical.

We service a lot of people with very different roles and responsibilities here and after several lists, graphs and pictorials, enthusiastically presented by the various members of the team, I managed to make sense of it all.  Let’s not leave out my trusted research partner Google, who highlighted some misinformation about our services related to the appraiser community.   Let me take a minute to shed some clarity on our Verified Appraiser service and I’ll do so in a list, since they clearly work.

Verified Appraiser Scorecard benefits.

  • It’s INNOVATIVE! Out with the antiquated background checks that reference a point in time; we monitor the appraiser’s profile so at any time it can be shared as requested.  Anytime!   For an entire year!
  • The appraiser’s Scorecard (or their profile) meets all or most AMC and Lender policy requirements. If it’s more than good enough for the regulators, there should be zero room for rejection by an AMC or Lender.
  • If for any reason, the scorecard does not meet the requirements, tell us and if at all possible, we’ll update the Scorecard to reflect the newly required information.
  • Did you know that it provides a greater level of security for an appraiser’s personal information? Yep, does that.
  • It’s portable. There is no software to download so you can access it from anywhere on any device.
  • Includes the usual tech friendly stuff; automated application and renewal reminders, paperless uploads and a one-year membership fee gives you unlimited Scorecard sharing.

If you’re still with me, I ask you, how else can we help?  We have all the resources, including a highly skilled development team, to build and deliver services that will make a difference to the appraiser community at large.  We continue to reach out to select agencies that are currently not accepting Comergence Scorecards to discover why.  We will continue to update the list (< <<  Look, another list!) of the organizations that do accept the Scorecard so check back when in question.

Now back to me.  I’m enjoying my new career life and the team here is amazing.  I obviously still have a lot to learn and when you see an email from Comergence Marketing, you can bet I’ve done my best to make it relevant to your role.  Thanks for reading and really, let us know how we can help make a difference!