Announcing the Launch of ComergenceCRM®

The platform unites mortgage compliance and sales to increase business without added regulatory burden

Comergence, an established provider of third-party vendor and risk-management platforms for the mortgage industry, announced today the release of ComergenceCRM for Wholesale, Correspondent and Warehouse lenders.  The CRM solution is embedded in the existing Comergence compliance portal and will effectively change the way lenders recruit and manage third-party originator business using native system features.

The platform differentiates itself from others in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space in two key ways; it comes loaded with the pristine data of a lender’s clients and prospects that are already being monitored by the Comergence core due diligence system, alleviating additional compliance burden and it eliminates costly customized configuration often required with other off-the-rack systems.

“We saw the need to bridge a gap between sales and compliance teams so we developed a tool that does just that,” said Greg Schroeder, president of Comergence. “It’s so important to alleviate loan prevention challenges due to compliance demands, so we fashioned a system to provide clearer insight into who lenders should being doing business with.”

Other key ComergenceCRM features at launch time include; propriety market forecast indicators with over 90% accuracy, historical loan production information and a robust email marketing tool.

“We understand that data hygiene is the biggest challenge when it comes to database management,” said Michael Stallings, executive vice president, Comergence.  “We’re able to monitor and update the data ensuring the highest possible standards in data integrity.”

The ComergenceCRM can integrate with any lender’s loan origination solution providing a 360-degree picture for deeper evaluation and easier health checks for all existing partnerships.