Let’s face it…

No one likes background checks, even if it’s for the best intentions, it’s uncomfortable and can be awkward. But in today’s world of security and regulatory issues it has become a necessary requirement for business. Watch our video to find out more!

Are you paying fee after fee for numerous background checks required by companies with whom you want to do business? Well, we have a better way; pay once and share your completed profile with your current and potential clients.

  • A Secure, Web-Based System Available 24/7/365
  • Pay One Time Annually
  • Say Goodbye to Multiple Background Check Fees
  • Satisfies the Industry’s Toughest Regulatory Due Diligence Requirements

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A New Document Library

We’re excited to tell you about our newest feature in our system that is a direct result of your feedback. It’s called the Document Library.

We’ve been hearing about all the numerous documents each individual lender requires from you in our system. I’ve also heard how the uploading of these documents is quite time consuming and quite frankly, a pain in the neck. Well, we’ve listened to your comments and we agree. We now have an easier, faster and more streamlined way to help you manage common documents required by all lenders.

Here’s how it works: Once you’re logged in, find the new tab at the top called My Library. Here you’ll simply upload your document once to the Library – and all of your lenders can access the document. No need to endlessly upload the same documents over and over when applying to multiple lenders. Upload them once and you’re done!

We know lenderswill still ask for the documents you’ve already uploaded in your library. So we also added the ability for you to share a document from your library to a lender specific request.

We’re committed to making compliance less of a burden so you can focus on what you do best. Thank you for your feedback and thanks for watching our video!