The Verified Appraiser Scorecard List

As some of you may know, I was recently hired to oversee the marketing and communications efforts for Comergence.   My first order of business was to educate myself on the products and services the organization offers so I could properly extract the points that help solve our client’s and future client’s problems.  Makes sense, right?  […]

How You Can Get Past the Initial “No”

Join our upcoming webinars, FREE for Account Executives and MLOs: How to Deliver the Ultimate AE Presentation How to Get the Appointment with Any New Potential Referral Partner How many times as an AE have you reached out to a potential new originator and you hear them say to you any one of these objections…I don’t need […]

Technology can help you earn more business

When I started out in the mortgage industry, technology was something we talked about for the future. My first set of loan docs was typed out by me on an IBM Selectric II, with an amortization chart for the rate and points I was charging.  I also underwrote the file and calculated the debit ratio […]