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How You Can Get Past the Initial “No”

Join our upcoming webinars, FREE for Account Executives and MLOs: How to Deliver the Ultimate AE Presentation How to Get the Appointment with Any New Potential Referral Partner How many times as an AE have you reached out to a potential new originator and you hear them say to you any one of these objections…I don’t need […]

You Are Not in the Mortgage Business, You Are in the…

FREE webinar just for your LOs! ALL TOO OFTEN LICENSED MORTGAGE ORIGINATORS (MLOs) FALL SHORT IN ACHIEVING THEIR INCOME AND PRODUCTION GOALS.  Market conditions can sometimes be part of the reason, however often times there are specific actions that MLOs engage in that rob them of more income opportunity than they have any idea. If […]

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Field

FREE webinar just for AEs! THE FACT THAT THE DYNAMICS OF LENDING HAVE DRAMATICALLY CHANGED IS no secret.  Between the disappearance of hundreds of loan programs, the implementation of Qualified Mortgage rules, and a much smaller pool of secondary market investors, your ability to stand out in the field amongst your competitors through product alone […]